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The Top 10 Ways to Balance Your Success in 2010

  1. Spend less time looking in the mirror and more time improving your character.
  2. Be more focused on being morally correct and less on being politically correct.
  3. Talk less and listen more, suspend your need for recognition and you’ll receive more of what you desire.
  4. Curb your temper, aggression always reveals insecurity, assertion speaks to a desire to resolve difficulties.
  5. Be other focused, give more without calculating your return and rich friendships will follow.
  6. Realize the New Year will bring surprises, something will happen you could never predict, give up the desire to control all outcomes.
  7. Expand your empathy, develop better listening skills and you’ll always attract quality people.
  8. Regularly anticipate what would make those close to you feel special and take action.
  9. Arrogance and entitlement, the “me focus” attitude will leave you alone and in despair.
  10. Always remember that humility and gratitude will bring you respect, love and loyalty from others.