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Goodness Survey

Goodness Survey

Do you believe we are born with goodness?

Has an experience of goodness changed something in your life?

Do you think you are a good person?

Do you believe that acts of goodness are connected to being happy?

Do you believe people who say they experience acts of goodness daily?

Is goodness a genetic endowment or is it learned?

Do those who habitually hurt others have the capacity to re-discover goodness?

Can goodness be uncovered in those who have been bullied, abused, molested?

Can a person succeed in the corporate world and be a messenger of goodness as well?

If we do good deeds do you think we improve our overall health?

Does goodness influence our brains or does it have little impact?

Does one have to be religious or spiritual to spread and be good?

What is your age?

Are you Male or Female?

What is your total household income?

What city and state are you from?